Today We Escape


today we escapechildhood 

I awoke with poems in my head, spiraling around like pea shoots. A song on the radio made me pine for country roads, barefoot summers and stillness.

Being a mom is a most curious thing. So close to childhood and yet so far from it yourself.

Tumbled through the web while my baby was sleeping and found these prints. I love the polaroid colors and imagery pulled from my child-of-the-late-seventies consciousness. I’m about to purchase one or two for The Boy’s room.

Check out the artist, Nazario Graziano, and the publication for which these illustrations were created – “ The New Twenties: A scintillating survey of the work of today’s 20-somethings, who were all brought up in the technological boom years of the late 20th Century – and whose concepts of self-promotion and networking are radically different from those of their predecessors. “ – here, at Society6.

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