stepping into the space




stepping into the black and white world of charlie bidwell today, having been enticed by ok store in LA. i’ve set the entrance screen on my phone to the bottom image, The Nantucket Ferry, so that it feels like I am doing something more soul enhancing than screen staring.


Trend Bible


Oh, being Trendy just tickles ! Loop is delighted to share that we’ve been included in Trend Bible’s Autumn/Winter 2011/12 Kids Lifestyle Trends for the Home!  Poliwog is part of the Polar Expedition set and Eon is part of the Cloud Atlas set.  I’d love to show you pictures, but the Trend Bibles are in limited number and sold directly or via global distribution agents to trade customers only [  £950 each ], so I must keep it a bit hush hush. It’s a happy hush, though !

oooh, baggu


so taken by the new collaboration between baggu and No.6 … the perfect pattern /  color pairings for my daily grocery / post office run / stroller carry-all / everything bag.


Catching my eye


feeling Fall’s cool kiss on the air. slipping into jeans, a light sweater and a smile and thinking the warm wooden curve of this necklace would be a perfect fit. From Via Nativa, made in Nicaragua from reclaimed + FSC-certified wood. Fairly Traded.

[ found on supermarket ]