hello, house !



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After a year of looking all over Philadelphia [ and some of its suburbs ] – small, large, new, old, redone, short sale-d, in good school districts, in bad school districts, in scary fringe ‘hoods, in “up and coming” locations, north, west, south + east of our current 800 square-foot apartment – I think [ exhale ] we’ve found the house for us !

I’ll be posting more and more about this as the packing / moving / moving-in / renovating adventure continues, but for now I just wanted to share a few sneak peak pics of what will soon be our new house !!! I am SO EXCITED [ like, bubbling, giddy, can barely sit still and write this post excited ] at the thought of all the space we’ll gain – for my architect / inventor / techie husband, for Loop, for kids [ someday – soon ? ], this house has it all – great old details, hardwood floors + 10’ ceilings throughout, a little back garden + garage, and …. potential … Looks like our closing is July 30th, now that we’ve ironed out the post-inspection details [ our inspection lasted 5 hours !!! ], so stay tuned !

YAY ! Oh, truly happy day !

PS : wish the furniture was coming with the house, but alas, it is not ... that will be an adventure unto itself ~ anyone know a great source for local antique / used finds?

happy day !



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what’s so special about today, you ask? here are a few things that make Loop happy today :

- it’s my parent’s wedding anniversary. they inspire me to combine a full heart with a hearty laugh.

- it’s a day with a 7 and a 9 in it, both lucky numbers for me

- it’s the day before Friday and it’s summer

- the city of Paris celebrates it’s 2001st day in existence

- ….. ?

what is important about today for you?