hey loop ladies !

A quick note to let everyone know that Loop has a new intern, Brenna Stevens, from my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. I am so excited to welcome Brenna into our office [ okay, I'll come clean .... my living room ! ]. Brenna is a sophomore majoring in Communications and she'll be helping me research fabrics and manufacturers for our upcoming eco-fabric collection. Her first post is below, so look out for more updates from her on various findings.

Holly, Loop's Girl Friday, just completed the amazing 60-mile walk for Breast Cancer Awareness with her mom. While she was buffered by gorgeous Fall weather, let's review... She walked 60 MILES !!!
[ And she has the blisters to prove it ! ]
I am so proud of you, Hols !

Fabric Findings!

One of my favorite fabric designers is Amy Butler. I discovered her clean, colorful designs while shopping in Philadelphia's own Spool. Not only does she create gorgeous home decor weight fabric, but she also writes easy to follow sewing patterns.

For those who choose to use organic fabrics, I came across Rubie Green. Though each yard will set you back $90, it's nice to know the fabric is printed in the most eco-friendly method available!