a-washi in color


MoMA_washi tape_2

MoMA_washi tape detail

I love the translucent breath of color that this japanese washi tape adds to wrapped gifts !  Torn easily by hand and *repositionable*, I think I could have hours of fun with this stuff… [ Yukio Taniguchi’s tape show here on loop’s eon’ wrap at MoMA ]

With my favorite season approaching, these warm hues from happytape have me feeling the cooler breezes of September already !

happy tape 2

happy tape 1

happy tape 4


25 colors x 20 months

social designer_aurora_4

social designer_2

I just discovered this on Twitter and have become completely distracted by the 500 pencils program from Social Designer : a simple subscription service delivers 25 curated colors each month for 20 months. The idea that this staggering collection can be mounted to the wall in sleek plexi holders made me marvel at the following : wall-mounted pencil holders would create a work of art that creates works of art, the display itself changing as different colors are taken down, used, sharpened to differing lengths and returned to the wall.  My imagination is slipping into blisssss …….

ps : my birthday is september 18th ; )


loop + GreetQ + Scoutie Girl


While there is nothing like the sensory stimulation of a good paper store – the colors, combinations + textures – the online boutique GreetQ is so chock full of good design, I can almost smell a clean, fresh sheet of writing paper when I visit. Beyond a well-curated collection of notes for all occasions from independent artists and small card companies, GreetQ thinks outside the envelope :

“” … We believe that people still appreciate the act of receiving a note or beautifully made card in the mail. That’s why we want to make staying connected with family and friends as easy as ordering a pizza. You never have to leave your home or office; just select a card, type in your message and we will handwrite or print your message, mailing it directly to the recipient in time for that important occasion.”

[ They have a great blog, too ! ]

Some of the great lines to choose from include, from left to right :
Masha D’Yans, Cartolina, Egg Press + Herman Wu

greetq_masha d'yansgreetq_cartolina greetq_egg pressgreetq_hermanwu

You can image Loop’s great delight in announcing that a large selection of our Loop and Doodlespark note cards are now available on this unique platform. We’re blushing at how excited Jennifer at GreetQ was to feature us in a special giveaway with Scoutie Girl as part of their Emerging Illustrators and Stationers Giveaway. Scoutie Girl, courtesy of vendor-partners, will be giving away the work of 7 selected artists and illustrators ~ visit now to enter by Sunday, August 9th !

scoutie girl emerging spread scoutie girl logo