Amy’s Drawers


As many of you know, we recently moved home and office to a new neighborhood; Loop officially has its own room and feels Quite Grown Up …

I recently received an online order from a girl named Amy who, low and behold, lives on my new street ! I had to take a double take; someone who lives just blocks away found loop quite by accident on the World Wide Web, I discovered.  We arranged to meet at the local coffee shop, me with baby in Bjorn and roll of paper in hand and Amy with a smile, a friend and a story of how she intended to use the paper to refinish a set of Ikea drawers.  Check out her process and finished product here on Flickr.  I love it, Amy;  it was so nice to meet you … !


Today We Escape


today we escapechildhood 

I awoke with poems in my head, spiraling around like pea shoots. A song on the radio made me pine for country roads, barefoot summers and stillness.

Being a mom is a most curious thing. So close to childhood and yet so far from it yourself.

Tumbled through the web while my baby was sleeping and found these prints. I love the polaroid colors and imagery pulled from my child-of-the-late-seventies consciousness. I’m about to purchase one or two for The Boy’s room.

Check out the artist, Nazario Graziano, and the publication for which these illustrations were created – “ The New Twenties: A scintillating survey of the work of today’s 20-somethings, who were all brought up in the technological boom years of the late 20th Century – and whose concepts of self-promotion and networking are radically different from those of their predecessors. “ – here, at Society6.


say hello to Cloud

One of the most delightful and unexpected pleasures of running my own business is that Loop products, as they journey from Philadelphia across the country, across the oceans, and across the blogosphere, tend to attract like-minded eyes. I love receiving emails from artists, architects, graphic designers + students who find Loop somewhere in the world and love it enough take the time to tell me so … More than anything else, this sort of personal connection that Loop forges fills me to the brim and makes me smile for days on end. As most creative people will admit, one thing is making something that you yourself enjoy, but for it to resonate with others is a joy unlike any other.

And so, I’d like to introduce you to one such connection I recently made by way of a most wonderful email from Miss Claudia Forsbrey, a recent fine arts grad in the UK. One glance at her flickr page and I was taken by her playful style. I love how she mixes photos with line art, blurring the 2D and the 3D, fashion and doodling.

claud from flickr

Interested in eco designers, art + jewelry, with a mind towards retail + travel, Claudia wanted to know how I started Loop. I invite you to get to know Claudia and her work by visiting her blogs here and here as well as her flickr page. She is currently working on a collaborative booklet with Lazy Gramophone where different artists from the group provide images upon which writers will base short stories. 

I am excited to announce that Claudia – or better known as Cloud by her friends and loved ones – will be a guest blogger here at Loop starting next week ! Come visit Cloud every other Monday for interviews and features on artists whose work addresses print and pattern, eco designers of gift and homewares + dispatches from her many travels …. I have to say that I am thrilled to have Cloud on the blog.  My life has been absolutely rearranged with the birth of my son [ a post on the little man will be coming soon ]. I am really looking forward to Cloud’s perspective sprinkled into the stream of Loop news and inspiration. I hope you’ll enjoy her posts as well !


loop in the blogosphere



I had to share this lovely little blog with you, as it’s author wrote me the kindest note to announce she’d featured Loop in a post about notebooks. Hop over to e-sidora and see what the Croatian designer, Isidora Vujosevic, is into -


Anuncie primero!

Before I jump straight into my first blog, I should be polite and introduce myself,

so here here I am!

My name is Claud Forsbrey, but you can call me Cloud, hi! I currently reside in bright grey ole' England. I am an avid doodler, jewellery dabbler, novice baker and aspiring adventurer. I will be contributing to Loop's lovely blog, with bits of creative bobs and nibbles of everything in between.

Alas! It is blog time, I will start with a big chunk of inspiration to me - LeJu Jewellery.

LeJu is fast becoming a leader in ethical and sustainable jewellery, the designer Lenny Trines, is a Dutch born London based jeweller, who absorbs inspiration from natural elements, and whilst travelling through South America discovered a unique natural sustainable material from the depths of the Amazonian Rain Forest better known as Vegetable Ivory - What is Veg Ivory you say?

Well, Veg Ivory comes from a palm tree, and is in the form of a seed, similar to the shape of conkers, but with the durability, hardness and look of Elephant ivory.

Thus, Veg Ivory is the 100% sustainable equivalent to Elephant Ivory - It is that amazing!

Et Voila!

Above, 'Avatar' Necklace by LeJu

Lenny has the ability to understand colour and play with other materials to give her designs another lease of life. She experiments and pushes her creative design boundaries which keeps LeJu flowing fresh with ideas. I love her designs, colour and passion for sustainable design, and I hope you will enjoy her amazing designs just as much as me.

If you like what you see, be sure to have a good gander at their whole range on the below link :)