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One of the most delightful and unexpected pleasures of running my own business is that Loop products, as they journey from Philadelphia across the country, across the oceans, and across the blogosphere, tend to attract like-minded eyes. I love receiving emails from artists, architects, graphic designers + students who find Loop somewhere in the world and love it enough take the time to tell me so … More than anything else, this sort of personal connection that Loop forges fills me to the brim and makes me smile for days on end. As most creative people will admit, one thing is making something that you yourself enjoy, but for it to resonate with others is a joy unlike any other.

And so, I’d like to introduce you to one such connection I recently made by way of a most wonderful email from Miss Claudia Forsbrey, a recent fine arts grad in the UK. One glance at her flickr page and I was taken by her playful style. I love how she mixes photos with line art, blurring the 2D and the 3D, fashion and doodling.

claud from flickr

Interested in eco designers, art + jewelry, with a mind towards retail + travel, Claudia wanted to know how I started Loop. I invite you to get to know Claudia and her work by visiting her blogs here and here as well as her flickr page. She is currently working on a collaborative booklet with Lazy Gramophone where different artists from the group provide images upon which writers will base short stories. 

I am excited to announce that Claudia – or better known as Cloud by her friends and loved ones – will be a guest blogger here at Loop starting next week ! Come visit Cloud every other Monday for interviews and features on artists whose work addresses print and pattern, eco designers of gift and homewares + dispatches from her many travels …. I have to say that I am thrilled to have Cloud on the blog.  My life has been absolutely rearranged with the birth of my son [ a post on the little man will be coming soon ]. I am really looking forward to Cloud’s perspective sprinkled into the stream of Loop news and inspiration. I hope you’ll enjoy her posts as well !

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