Gesundheit !


hank and cheefmy perpetually runny winter nose will thank me when these arrive on my doorstep :
organic cotton handkerchiefs from hank&cheef

the benefits go beyond aesthetics : visit their amazing facts page
. . . it takes 90 years to grow a box of kleenex
. . . an average household spends $30,000 on disposable tissues ?


water dreams in winter



gorgeous photographs that I am adding to my wish list

Kelp and Yesterday I Sat Quietly by Shari Altman

via photographer Jennifer Causey’s Pop-Up Shop


yester -

i love what i did before the internet

by Lee Crutchley, via ShareSomeCandy


passion for process

I am a sucker for process : I love when stages of change are revealed because therein lies a level of detail rich with inspiration. Industrial, biological, political, creative – all types of processes intrigue me.

Enter pumpkin waffles.

Not what you expected? But doesn’t this culinary process look so delicious… ? The act of making – smelling, sorting, mixing + measuring – just enhances the ‘yum’ ….

pumkin_1 pumkin_2 pumkin_3 pumkin_4  pumkin_6 pumkin_7 pumkin_8 pumkin_9


I am also a fan of people who love something so much that they pursue its perfection simply because they enjoy it. Visit the Pumpkin Waffles Blog for this yummy recipe : that’s right, a blog devoted to pumpkin waffles. Fantastic !

OPEN loop

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I am honored and humbled to be featured in an article on OPEN Forum today. Talking with reporters is an odd experience, and it often makes me collect my thoughts in a way that surprises me. Chugging along with the day-to-day work of running a business, I rarely reflect on it philosophies and synchronicities.

Some of Loop’s reflections are shared in the article “Connecting with Experience : 3 Business Owners Share Their Insights” by Marci Shinder as well as the stories of Bruce + Jordan Jed from Longfellow’s Coffee and Dan McHugh from Expense Reduction.