Earth Day is Everyday

I cringed as I wrote the cliched title of this post, but the root of cliche is truth, is it not...? In the spirit of getting to the heart of matters, I thought I would go back to the basics with National Geographic. Check out their 'Preserve Our Planet' video series for intelligent conservation tips, download a gorgeous wallpaper like the moving mangrove image above, or browse the stunning nature photography [ I LOVE the Patterns In Nature Series - so inspiring ! ].

[ This post is made possible by my lovely mother-in-law, who reminded me of this incredible resource - and also reminded me not to work too hard. Thanks, Mom ! ]


360 Vodka's Close the Loop Program

"Drink Responsibly, Drive Responsibly, Exist Responsibly."

As the host of an Earth Day party this weekend, I received a fabulous hostess gift of 360 Vodka. Not only is it tasty tasty!, but it also is supporting the environment. Once the bottle is empty (and that doesn't take too long!!!), you remove the top, take the 100% post-consumer waste paper envelope (pre-paid, of course) that is attached to the bottle, and return it in the mail to be recycled! What a clever program! How easy!

360 Vodka is environmentally-friendly for the full loop of its production. The vodka is distilled for "optimal eco-efficiency". Its labels are made with 100% post-consumer waste paper. The bottle consists of 85% recycled glass. AND the vodka distillery employs CO2 capturing technology. The Close the Loop program also donates $1 for every closure returned to recognized environmental causes.

Just another loop for everyone to happily join!


Hey, Lucky Ducks ! SHOP for MOM !

Loop Loves Spring !
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Get Thee to Yahoo 'Green'

How did I not know about this sooner ? I just discovered Yahoo Green and have excitedly clicked through this amazing hub of Green links, news + insights for more than an hour... [ don't I have a new stationery line to design... ?! ] I simply had to take some time out to share this with you. Menu topics abound, from the practical to the curious -
two of my favorites are -
FREE IS GOOD : remember Freecycle? How cool is it to trade your unwanted stuff for things you need ?
18 SECONDS : see the States all flushed with green... enter your zip code to see how much your city is saving in energy, emission and dollars by using compact fluorescent bulbs !

Their TECHNOLOGY link brought me to info posted by EcoGeek, and I was captivated by this OLED light.

"Very simply, OLEDs are like LEDs in that electrons jumping across a diode emit photons. But instead of being a traditional diode, the OLEDs are actually a printed film. This means that the light comes from everywhere on the film simultaneously, and the film can take on unique properties, like being flexible, lightweight, two-dimensional, and transparent. "
[ By Hank Green Posted Mon Apr 7, 2008 1:27pm PDT ]

Osram is the leading manufacturer of this technology, and they invited world-reknowned lighting designer Ingo Maurer to design a lamp using ten small (132 x 33 millimeter) OLED panels. I think the result looks like a luminous leaf. It's titled, 'Early Future'.... C'mon everyone, rise and shine !


Do you 'Baggu' ?

I am in love with the super-juicy colors and simple functionality of the Baggu line of re-usable shopping totes. Yummy reds, bouyant blues.... rip-stop nylon in a deliciously eco-forward form makes me want to go out and find a Farmer's Market just so I can load up one of these babies with fresh veggies and flowers... [ they hold up to 25lbs each and fold into a neat 5" x 5" pouch ]

I learned from their website that Baggu is a mother-daughter team of designers who each need a re-usable bag to satisfy their needs, from urbanite daughter to suburbanite mom. Their creation is easy to love and therefore easy to use - and all good for the environment.

In their own words, " We are working to replace our old friends, the paper & plastic bags, with something that does their job without creating needless waste or harming the environment. Using one Baggu for one year replaces 300 to 700 disposable bags...... The average family brings home 1,000 bags every year. Most of those bags end up in land fills. That really adds up - 100 billion plastic bags are sent to landfill in the US each year. "

"Changing our own shopping habits is one small thing we can do to make a difference. We hope you feel good every time you use your BAGGU. "


How fabulous !

How fabulous of EcoFabulous to blog about Loop ! Thank you so much for your rave review of our note card collection. We agree; there is nothing like a hand-written note, especially in this age of instant gratification...It's always such a gift to get a letter in the mail.

The EcoFabulous blog is an incredible repository of great 'green' goods as well as ideas and action-items; it's so easy to spend valuable Procrastination credits scrolling through the posts. At least you gain Knowledge at the end of the hour! [ Be sure to dig through the Cradle-To-Cradle section and check out the link to TED ! ]I would love to highlight more about what I've found there, but right now I must transform myself into a one-woman factory and churn out a 400 set order... I love weekends ! ha ha !
Thank you, EcoFabulous !


Oh Baby !

"The flax was in full bloom; it had pretty little blue flowers as delicate as the wings of a moth, or even more so. The sun shone, and the showers watered it; and this was just as good for the flax as it is for little children to be washed and then kissed by their mother. They look much prettier for it, and so did the flax." - Hans Christian Anderson
And so we are introduced to the LinuBaby line of natural linen bedding. [ ! ! ! ] One visit to LinuBaby's website will convince you that you should swathe your Bundle in nothing less than the all-natural, eco-friendly luxury of linen. I learned so much about this magical material from Karina, owner of Linu Boutique and designer of this elegant new baby line. Oh, baby !
- Linen is grown naturally and safely without chemicals or pesticides.

- Linen is resisitant to bacteria, fungus, noise, dustmites, and even radiation.

- Linen never causes allergic reactions, and can actually help cure eczema, fevers, and allergic disorders.

- Linen is thermo-regulating, meaning that baby's bed will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

- Linen absorbs as much as 20% of its weight in moisture before ever feeling wet, so it always feels fresh and cool.

- Linen is twice as durable as cotton, three times as durable as wool, and has been known to withstand literally centuries of use, making it an ideal heirloom.

- Linen is the oldest of all fabrics known to man; when the tomb of Pharoah Ramesses II, who died in 1213 BC, was discovered in 1881, the linen wrappings were in a state of perfect preservation after more than 3000 years.


My Life Is Non-Linear

My super-cool husband just sent me a link to the MUJI Awards 02, an international design competition. While a bit may have been lost intranslation, it seems the theme of the current competition, dubbed 'RE', was to explore the objects and activites we use in our daily lives. I was very intrigued by the non-linear day planner, the Chronotebook, by Wong Kok Keong of OrcaDesign. Blank pages with circular designations for AM or PM allow the user to outline portions of the day by adding 'spokes' to the wheel. I'm just not sure if viewing my plans this way would make me feel like my life is spinning along merrily - or out of control !

I also liked the Gold Prize winning entry, an exercise in re-use. Towel With Further Options, by NIIMI of Japan, sounds like the title of a short story. I would love to write a little piece about the life span of this product ... Here is how the entry was described in the competition, " This bath towel moves your mind toward further uses of the product. Towels take every day dirt and gradually become damaged. In accordance with such changes, you can downsize the towel with "further options" from a bath towel to a bath mat, and then to a floor cloth and dust cloth. The towel has a vertical and horizontal textured surface that does not produce pile-fabric waste when cut with scissors. The lines act as a marker for cutting and form square modules that let you imagine other uses, encouraging you to re-use it.". Nice.

One Dollar = One Tree

Loop loves trees and is so excited about The Nature Conservancy's new program to Plant A Billion Trees in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. The Conservancy is working hard to bring this region - now only 7% of its original area - back from the brink of extinction. With a simply GORGEOUS website promoting this impressive campaign, it's so easy to donate ! This blog post is also a widget which marks the number of trees planted, one for every dollar donated. I am feeling so inspired by Spring, with its new buds and flowers, and I think this is a great way to celebrate the return of new life - yay, trees !


Philadelphia Digs Arcadia

Loop is excited to share some phenomenal recent press that our friend, Arcadia Boutique, recently garnered on DigPhillyTV on NBC 10 [ via www.digphilly.com ]. Meet Ali as she introduces you to fantastic eco-fashion, talks about how she conceived of the boutique and reviews her new eco-travel service. Yay, Ali !