360 Vodka's Close the Loop Program

"Drink Responsibly, Drive Responsibly, Exist Responsibly."

As the host of an Earth Day party this weekend, I received a fabulous hostess gift of 360 Vodka. Not only is it tasty tasty!, but it also is supporting the environment. Once the bottle is empty (and that doesn't take too long!!!), you remove the top, take the 100% post-consumer waste paper envelope (pre-paid, of course) that is attached to the bottle, and return it in the mail to be recycled! What a clever program! How easy!

360 Vodka is environmentally-friendly for the full loop of its production. The vodka is distilled for "optimal eco-efficiency". Its labels are made with 100% post-consumer waste paper. The bottle consists of 85% recycled glass. AND the vodka distillery employs CO2 capturing technology. The Close the Loop program also donates $1 for every closure returned to recognized environmental causes.

Just another loop for everyone to happily join!

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