Get Thee to Yahoo 'Green'

How did I not know about this sooner ? I just discovered Yahoo Green and have excitedly clicked through this amazing hub of Green links, news + insights for more than an hour... [ don't I have a new stationery line to design... ?! ] I simply had to take some time out to share this with you. Menu topics abound, from the practical to the curious -
two of my favorites are -
FREE IS GOOD : remember Freecycle? How cool is it to trade your unwanted stuff for things you need ?
18 SECONDS : see the States all flushed with green... enter your zip code to see how much your city is saving in energy, emission and dollars by using compact fluorescent bulbs !

Their TECHNOLOGY link brought me to info posted by EcoGeek, and I was captivated by this OLED light.

"Very simply, OLEDs are like LEDs in that electrons jumping across a diode emit photons. But instead of being a traditional diode, the OLEDs are actually a printed film. This means that the light comes from everywhere on the film simultaneously, and the film can take on unique properties, like being flexible, lightweight, two-dimensional, and transparent. "
[ By Hank Green Posted Mon Apr 7, 2008 1:27pm PDT ]

Osram is the leading manufacturer of this technology, and they invited world-reknowned lighting designer Ingo Maurer to design a lamp using ten small (132 x 33 millimeter) OLED panels. I think the result looks like a luminous leaf. It's titled, 'Early Future'.... C'mon everyone, rise and shine !

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