How fabulous !

How fabulous of EcoFabulous to blog about Loop ! Thank you so much for your rave review of our note card collection. We agree; there is nothing like a hand-written note, especially in this age of instant gratification...It's always such a gift to get a letter in the mail.

The EcoFabulous blog is an incredible repository of great 'green' goods as well as ideas and action-items; it's so easy to spend valuable Procrastination credits scrolling through the posts. At least you gain Knowledge at the end of the hour! [ Be sure to dig through the Cradle-To-Cradle section and check out the link to TED ! ]I would love to highlight more about what I've found there, but right now I must transform myself into a one-woman factory and churn out a 400 set order... I love weekends ! ha ha !
Thank you, EcoFabulous !

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