[ Tunnel – 2007 : wood, PVC, beeswax at the Insituto Itau Cultural ]

Enter the world of Henrique Oliveira, found here at designboom. His new exhibition for the Rice Gallery in Houston grabbed me by the hand and led me into the history of his Tapumes projects – incredible outgrowths sculpted, painted and assembled in situ from bits of discarded wood found on the streets of Sao Paolo.

Dubbed ‘tridimensionals’, these constructions explode the notion of flat surface, of  brush stroke, instead giving life and form to a gesture until it literally lifts off the wall. I love how the painted strips of wood in some instances resemble muscle and tissue or other organic life forms, creeping in through the crevices of orthogonal architecture, or instead creating new spaces of their own.


[ Tapumes – 2005 : wood at Casa Cultura Da America Latina, Basilia ]


[ Tapumes – 2006 : wood + PVC at Paralela, Sao Paolo ]

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