This week has been full of sunshine here at Loop - regardless of the Philadelphia fluctuation in temperature, the clouds, the rain, the come-what-may. We're so happy that we were included in The Bright Side Project that we're still glowing from Wednesday's post.

The BSP is a fantastic site dedicated to spreading good news - something we all hunger for, especially given Recent Events in said financial system. Each day, BSP posts about an artist or designer whose products are offered up as a daily giveaway; all you have to do to enter is post a commment that answers a specific question chosen by the designer or by BSP. Instant sunshine !

I have been captivated by the nearly 150 responses to Loop's post... the stories people are sharing are incredible - funny, moving, outrageous, wild - I don't know how I'll choose the 'winner' ! There's still time to win, so turn your face towards the sun here ... : )

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