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good morning !  a bit groggy today after a working weekend. the french press has yet to kick in and my mind is beginning to overflow with to-do’s to be done.  today loop is having a huge photo shoot of old work and NEW and my very dear friend Betty is letting us use her house as the backdrop. nothing like friends to make Tasks seems like Teatime ….

In the spirit of spreading sunshine, two of my designer-friends are featured back-to-back on The Bright Side Project currently, as part of the BSP’s eco-luxe month… 100% organic sateen pillows from Daisy Janie are up for grabs here in response to the following question : Who is your favorite indie designer, and what is your favorite item they sell? [ The responses to this will be fun to sift through ! ] Artist and indie-business power house, Jan DiCintio’s new Urbana collection of organic fabrics are delicious in all their color ways : check out Avalon, Metro + Parkside for inspiration.

Also featured is the inimitable work of Cathe Huynh-Sison from Feterie… 10 sheets of eco-luxe wrapping paper are being given away here in response to this question : What is the first present you can remember buying or making for someone you love? Cathe is a multi-tasking multi-talented wonder [ following her on Twitter makes me feel lazy ! ] She has a great eye for color and her wraps will make any present – or other paper project – come alive.

All of this sunshine is just what my Monday morning needed – now, to work !


daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Love Cathe's papers! Can't wait to hear how your photo shoot turns out!! I've always wanted to do this with my fabrics, but imagined it would be so far out of budget for me....

Cathe said...

Thanks Elissa! I'm a total HUGE admirer of both of your works!