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This post is a special 'thank you' to my local ladies who are sharing Loop with our fair city... Namely, Char Vandermeer, whose 'What We Heart' nod to Doodlespark has made me smile from ear to ear. Here is her Citypaper 'Heart' :

"Intricate doodles line the edges of my grad school notes. In fact, I take great pride in my artistic endeavors and liked to think I was a pretty top-notch scrawler. Then I stumbled upon Doodlespark note cards. Dammit, I can't even scribble my way through that theory class anymore.
Doodlespark is the brainchild of mother-and-daughter duo Christine Brown and Elissa Brown Barbieri. Their unique version of the weekly college phone call encouraged the two artists to get creative while keeping in touch. Mailed back and forth over a period of many years, the dreamlike lines, colors and swirls speak of seasons, love and life. Enjoy the simple thrill of writing a letter. Show someone you're thinking of them. Heck, start your own creative correspondence. They're printed on recycled paper with soy ink, so no excuses for you. "

$20 for a set of eight note cards and envelopes, at Linu Boutique (1034 Pine St., 215-238-0747, linuboutique.com) and Arcadia Boutique (819 N. Second St., 215-667-8099) [ courtesy of citypaper.net, published : Mar 18, 2008 ]

So, get your Spring 'sneaks on and walk over to Linu Boutique. Owner Karina Sotnik has an impressive collection of exquisite European linens, home accessories + jewelry - and she's designed a line of baby linens as well ! Perfect early Mother's Day gifts abound !

And while there is tons of buzz about Northen Liberties, Arcadia Boutique is the real deal. Not only has owner Ali McCloud gathered the best of eco-fashion that is sure to keep heads turning this Spring, but she also features work by local artists and has launched a new eco-travel service. Getting Spring fever? Ali can hook you up wth a go-lightly globe trot that will inspire you while sustaining our planet.

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