Loop De Loops

Naming this business was not an easy task - just ask anyone who received the e-mail invitation to 'vote' from my 5 top choices ! In the end, I went with my instincts and chose Loop - and so did MANY other people, apparently....

Here is a list of some of my favorite 'other' Loops !

[ add your favorite 'loop' if you've got one ! ]

Loop Yarns [ yay Philadelphia ! - brimming with cozy color ] :

Loop Organic [ gorgeous organic cotton with style + substance ] :

Loop NYC [ pop handbags ] :

My Loop represents the cyclical relationship of inspiration and support; I love our natural world and I am endlessly inspired by its lush and varied forms, by its unique + seasonal personality, by its bountiful energy and power... Therefore, I feel strongly that it is my responsibility to care for it, to use its resources sparingly - to replenish Nature as Nature replenishes me.
This is our loop : Healthy Planet.

Loop also embodies the joy we feel from being in touch with those we love. The 'loop' of an embrace, the 'loop' of give and take, the 'loop' of time that is created when you communicate with someone far away. Taking time to write someone a note, to send someone a special gift, creates an intimate loop.
I believe the ‘less is more’ adage is more true now than ever : enjoy having fewer things but enjoy each of the things you have more fully. This requires remembering to slow down and enjoy the moment, something that is often difficult to do in this crazy world we live in.
This is our loop : Happy People.

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