Loop Booth

Whewsh ! We survived the National Stationery Show ! I have to say this year at the Javits was more inspiring and exciting than I imagined it would be. I am so inspired by my peers and was especially impressed by the talent, wit, creativity, skill and hard work represented by this years' attendees. Loop was delighted with its new booth assignment, as we were in the middle of great small companies and got to meet designers we admire. A special thank you to Cathe at Feterie, Stacey Pancake at Pancake and Franks, and Jean at EIEIO for your great advice. Carrot and Stick, your Booth was stellar [ I wish I took a photo ! ]. And Craig Barbieri, husband and Loop trade show Architect extraordinaire... check out that booth, man ! You're awesome.

Check out the companies that exhibited near us :


Loop was on cloud nine showing its new Loop Wrap and Doodlespark had 3 new series' to display. I love being in the booth with my Mom; I blush so much by her praise that I look like a six year old after playtime ! Thank you for all your hard work and savvy New York driving, Mama !


daisy janie said...

I hope it was fruitful for you!!! You and your mom look great together!!

Cathe said...

Awww, Elissa! It was so great to meet you, Craig and your mom! I love, love your work! It's just inspiring! You are going places, girlfriend!

And our little area in the great big NSS floor space was such a gem, wasn't it?

ebb said...

Thanks, ladies ! I can see by the hour you posted these comments that I'm not the only one working late... :) Small biz ladies rule !

Cathe said...

Well, the late hours always bring out some strange and exciting results, doesn't it? ;-)