Indie Goodness Giveaway - Yay !

Indie blogger and designer Jan DiCintio [ aka Daisy Jane ] has just posted a most spectacular GIVEAWAY on her blog, Scoutie Girl. You will not believe how much talent she's jammed into this package - the $547 value doesn't begin to quantify this cool event. Thanks for including Doodlespark, Jan !
24 chances to win between now and May 14th !

Daisy Jane has a must-see shop on Etsy as well. Her custom-screened fabrics are wonderful... I love LuLu especially.

I refuse to pick favorites, but I love this tee from Delicious Tees, a contributor to the giveaway. The website describes each tee as a new part of a story, with names like Instrument [ shown below ], Resonate, Duality + Untamed Imagination. Very cool.


daisyjanie said...

Nice post! Thanks!

I laughed at a previous post, where you said you had mouse elbow!!! I hear ya on that! It starts in my elbow and ends up in my hand! Hope you feel better once you get to the show!

ebb said...

Ha ha - ah, yes... the mouse elbow ! I'm glad I'm not the only one!
I am so excited for your giveaway; you're the best for inviting Doodlespark !