Cultivate Tutorial and Interview on The Works

clothworks_interview for loop bog_2

clothworks_tutorial for loop bog_1

I am very excited to share a new pair of posts over at the Clothworks blog, The Works. I developed a quick sewing sewing tutorial for furoshiki with our Cultivate collection, and I would love to know what you think. I must say, I AM NOT A SEAMSTRESS !!! When Susie asked me to plan something for this feature, I wanted desperately to have something worthy to show her … and yet the idea of exposing the sheer absence of my knowledge of about sewing made me shake. I decided to find a super-easy to make project ( as in, really hard to mess up ! ) that related to our paper goods collection – so a fabric wrap seemed a logical and manageable choice. I hope you like it !

Coming next on this blog ( and pictured below ) is a simple pillow cover that can be used as a wrapping fabric as well – all made from the pre-cut 5” squares that Clothworks is selling of our collection.


There is also an interview with Yours Truly, if you wanted to learn a bit more about my creative process, my work / life approach, and some of the inspiration behind Cultivate.

Here’s to Newness – a new year, new projects, new colors, new energy.

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Hubert said...

This is gorgeous!