Afternoon Social

I’ve just made myself a hot mug of Earl Grey ( with milk and honey ) while I put some finishing touches on three new ways to connect with doodlespark. So, it’s a bit like a virtual tea time here, dear friends, and I have a few things to show you.

I’m not sure why its taken me to so long to develop our social media; I think part of me feels funny about broadcasting too many personal details … I think the story of a company is a vital way to connect people with the product they invite into their lives, I’m just not sure I want to announce what I have for breakfast and how I’m feeling about work, weather, and other randomness throughout the day. So, I will try to edit these postings so that they are personal but relevant, reflecting my internal life in a way that informs my public life. Look out for Doodlespark inspiration, news, fabric finds + eco interests now on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


A very special parcel arrived at my doorstep the other day, and it’s a wonder I‘ve waited this long to share it with you. Samples of our Cultivate line with Clothworks veritably burst out of the box, brightening the room with color and making Philadelphia seem less in the grip of Autumn’s descent into winter and more in the throes of a burgeoning Spring. I snapped a few pictures with my iPhone, as I was readying to leave for Houston the next day to attend Quilt Market. ( more on that spectacular event later ). No time to iron or adjust the lighting, I just couldn’t help but share !



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