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Hellloooo !

I send my little voice into the white space of this page, listening to it barrel down the wires into the World Wide Web. How have you been, everyone?! What’s new?!

As many of you know, I became a mom not so long ago. I knew becoming a parent would change my life, but I have to admit I didn’t expect quite this transformation.  My day-to-day life is completely turned upside down and the shape of my space and time as an artist / business owner is completely re-made.

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A new being has entered the world and I have the lucky job of accompanying him on this early part of his journey into selfhood. From a darting-eyed baby, a little boy has emerged, curious and cacophonous about everything he encounters. At just 2 years old, he is full of laughter and lilting language, hurtling his body through space to learn its edges and peaks, testing and trying out all that nature has to offer. I am along for his ride, holding his hand when he crosses the street, helping him learn to be gentle with himself and others, showing him how to look and breathe deeply and be raucous, variously. In a way, I am living vicariously through him, rediscovering my senses, capturing slivers of the sensation that everything is new and amazing and worth noticing. In other ways, I am entirely overwhelmed by the responsibility I bear as his Guardian; I can no longer let my mind wander or be silent for long periods of time; someone else needs me to explain everything and make sure environs are safe and engaging. My free time isn’t fully my own anymore; shouldn’t I be reading about toddler development or researching schools?!

In the middle of this shift and shuffle, I have found time to work and I have some exciting new plans and developments to share with you; stay tuned for news about Loop’s partnership with a delicious business in Brooklyn, Doodlespark’s new fabric collection for Clothworks and more!

Thank you all for bearing with me as things have been a bit quiet here on the blog. I promise to find my way here more regularly.
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