“ Nice to meet you, Constantine … “.




At the other end of the world, a swath of printed fabric hangs precariously in a stairwell. From a distance, the black and white graphic looks like Moorish tile or a Macintosh illustration, the intricate foreground competing slyly with the figural negative space.

Upon closer inspection, one discovers that the inked motif is actually a building, sketched by a hand adept at conversing with it’s master’s eyes. Mirrored and repeated, this sketch stretches the running length of the cotton and becomes pattern. Ah !

Then you learn it’s 12 metres of the new Constantine fabric collection by Architect Lorenzo Nassimbeni, on display as part of the ‘Architects as Artists' exhibition at the Cape Institute for Architects, curated by Suzette Bell-Roberts. And you love it !

Fabric and wall coverings distributed by MAVROMAC :

Johannesburg: [ +2711 ] 011 444 1584
Cape Town: [ +2721 ] 021 797 4739
Durban: [ +2731 ] 031 303 8203
Port Elizabeth: [ +2741 ] 041 586 3338

ps – thanks for the great pics, lorenzo !

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daisy janie said...

wow wow wow wow!! this is the coolio coolest!! what a statement (his not mine!).

thanks for sharing!